September 23, 2017


Hello, I’m Kim Parker, founder of Legal and author of “3 Proven Tips To Avoid Career Burnout”. I am an expert in helping mid-life professionals like you to re-connect with your passion and purpose, leading you from stress to success!

Since 2009 I have dedicated my career to supporting many of the hundreds and thousands of professionals who feel stuck in a rut with their careers. My 20+ years’ experience as a practising solicitor means that I really understand from the inside the demands and pressures of professional life.

After making my own personal transition from disillusionment to fulfillment within the Legal Profession, I re-trained as an executive coach. I now mentor professionals to break free of dissatisfaction with their life/career so they don’t have to suffer in silence and risk losing their health, wealth and relationships on the way. And I work closely with leaders who share my vision for the Legal Profession of tomorrow.

I received a ‘thank you’ note from my client Sarah, a 40-something accounts professional who, until she met me, was at the point of utter despair in her job. Here’s what she wrote: “Thanks to you, my experience at work has totally transformed. Your coaching has been invaluable! Thank you Kim.”

If YOU are at a crossroads, you’re not sure which way to turn, and you are ready to transform the way life shows up for you right now, why not download your free copy of my report “3 Proven Tips to Avoid Career Burnout” – just fill in your details on this page. I’ll ensure it is sent to your inbox right away.